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Italy 2014 Day 12: Antica Pizzeria Vicolo Della Neve (Salerno)

It was time at last to say goodbye to Naples and head on to the next destination for our trip: the city of Salerno.  This was going to be an interesting experience, as neither of us had ever been to Salerno before or really knew what to expect. I was hoping I’d made a good choice as well in deciding to explore the Amalfi Coast from this location instead of the generally more popular (with tourists at least) town of Sorrento. Our guide books said next to nothing about Salerno, but I’d read online that it tended to be more lively in the wintertime than other coastal towns, it would save us time in heading further south to see Paestum, and conveniently it was also directly on the Frecciarossa high speed line connecting to Rome and Naples.

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