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MasterChef US – some thoughts on this season, and next year…?

This morning I wrapped up my final MasterChef Season 3 episode recap. I’m sad to see the show over for another season, as it’s definitely become one of my favorite flavors of “reality tv” crack. (And yes, I know the Australian version is better. I know it’s manipulative. But I still love the US show. So there.)

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MasterChef US Season Three – my favorite TV “guilty pleasure” is back!

I confess, I love cooking shows on TV. They are basically all I watch these days. And one of my favorites (despite knowing surely how manipulative and staged much of it is) is MasterChef. I also know the US version supposedly can’t hold a spatula to the mega-popular Australian version, but I’ll take what I can get! I love playing along at home, trying to imagine what I’d cook for the Mystery Basket challenges and whether I could succeed or fail at the Pressure Tests. It’s cheesy and fun – but just don’t put cheese into your apple pie like contestant Michael did last night!

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