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10 Seafood Delicacies to Enjoy in Venice, Italy

The seafood market in Venice, Italy.If you’re lucky enough to get to Venice, Italy, then I hope you love seafood. Much of the food in Venice revolves around fish and shellfish, with the bounty of the surrounding seas providing sustenance to the Venetians for centuries. Every morning the fish market in Venice is overflowing with a dazzling array of fresh caught seafood, from huge swordfish to giant shrimp and cuttlefish. The best picks are soon gone, so wise housewives and restaurant shoppers know to go as early as possible.

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A Guide to Dining Out in Italy: Tips for the Savy Tourist

Dining out in Italy doesn’t have to be an expensive, intimidating experience. Neither does it have to involve being suckered into eating at lousy tourist traps serving microwaved pizza and canned soup.

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