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Italian Sausage and Fregula Stew

Enjoy this satisfying Italian-style stew with uses sweet sausage and the unique pasta known as fregula.

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Venison Stew with Red Wine

Venison Stew with Red WineI happen to love venison – that’s deer meat, in case you weren’t sure! I am fortunate to have access to it every deer hunting season thanks to our family’s farm manager, who is an avid hunter, and also thanks to our butcher who saves me cuts of meat which his other hunting clients don’t want. Venison is a wonderfully lean red meat which can be used in many different ways you’d normally use beef – for instance, in a hearty winter stew.

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Summer Vegetable Stew

A Satisfying Summer Vegetable Stew to Enjoy the Fresh Harvest

Summer Vegetable StewThe summertime is the perfect time to make delicious and satisfying soups and stews with the freshest produce that is in season. Here in Southern New Jersey, every summer we enjoy a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables grown locally sold at farmers markets, roadside stands…or maybe even grown in your backyard if you’ve got a green thumb! The climate here is perfect for crops like tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, cabbages, corn and much more.

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