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Whatever happened to BIG plates?!

A small plate of sardines at Jose Garces' Tinto in PhiladelphiaI swear, I think if I hear of yet another “small plates” restaurant opening I’m gonna scream.

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Venetian Cicchetti: The Small Plates of Venice, Italy

Venetian CicchettiVenice is perhaps my favorite place in the world – at least that I’ve so far had the chance to explore. Beautiful, unique, mysterious, she is also home to some incredible food and unique specialties. “Cicchetti” is the Venetian equivalent of tapas, and these small plates are found at numerous traditional bars and osterias throughout the city.

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Cichetteria 19 Brings Venetian Food to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This Center City Italian Eatery Introduces Philadelphia to the Small Plates of Venice

Small plate dining is increasingly popular, and Cichetteria 19 presents it in the form of traditional Venetian bar snacks known as “cichetti.” Review of this Rittenhouse Square-area Italian restaurant.

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Marc Vetri’s Amis: Bring Friends to Enjoy Roman-Italian Food in Philadelphia

Italian “Small Plates” Inspired by the Regional Cuisine of Rome, Italy

While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has no shortage of great Italian restaurants, Marc Vetri’s latest offering, Amis, offers an experience like none other in the city. Inspired by the food of Roman trattorias, Amis concentrates on a style of cooking not often seen in America, where Southern and Northern Italian cuisines have been considerably more popular. With Amis, Vetri has introduced a restaurant which truly captures the experience of dining in Italy, where multiple courses of bruschetta, antipasti, pasta and meats are sampled and enjoyed. Amis has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia, and is a great place to enjoy with a group of friends or family.

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