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Bars and Gastropubs in South West Center City

Resurrection Ale HouseCall it SWCC, call it “G-Ho” (or please don’t), the south west area of Center City in Philadelphia has been on a slow but steady upswing of late. Old grungy bars have given way to some great gastropubs, places you can enjoy a damn fine meal along with good beer, wine and cocktails.

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Brunch in Philly: Your Best Bets

Confession time: Brunch is really not one of my favorite meals. I want breakfast AND I want lunch – don’t ask me to wait and combine them both in one meal! And yet, Philly actually does have some great choices for brunch if it is your thing, and the places on my list of 5 Great Places for Brunch in Philadelphia are all places I greatly enjoy. Some are fancy, some are modest, but all serve damn good brunch food.