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Two lunches at Treviso in Sarasota Florida

We spent the bulk of two days at the Ringling Estate in Sarasota, exploring not just their impressive art museum and attending a conference on Paolo Veronese but else enjoying the lush estate grounds, touring the Ca’ d’Zan Mansion and the Circus Museums (because yes, the Ringling in the museum name is THAT Ringling, from the Ringling Brothers Circus.)

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Review: Bologna Cafe in Sarasota, Florida

The sweetie was understandably skeptical when I said there was an Italian restaurant in Sarasota I really wanted us to check out while on vacation. Florida isn’t exactly where one thinks of as a great destination for authentic Italian cooking, but in doing my pre-trip research I’d been intrigued by a place called Bologna Cafe. The website might look like something you’d find on Geocities in the 1990s, but the menu was very tempting, particularly with the promises of “Everything Homemade!” and that “We import directly all the ingredients that we use to prepare our Dishes”. Reviews online seemed to agree that Bologna Cafe was worth visiting and felt “authentically Italian”, so we decided to go for it – even if it meant an extra drive out of our way after a day-long conference at the Ringling Museum.

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