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Italy 2014 Day 4: Da Bucatino (Rome)

January 5: this was to be our last full day in Rome. The weather did not seem like it was going to cooperate so we figured this would be another good day to devote to palazzos and other indoor spaces we had not visited before. First stop? Palazzo Barberini. We really wanted to see the collection of art there, which promised works by Caravaggio, Raphael, and Hans Holbein.

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Italy 2014 Day 2: Il Giardino Romano (Rome)

I set our alarm for 6:30am, thinking we had 9am tickets for the Borghese Gallery. Ooops. I had, in fact, figured we’d be too tired on our first full day in Rome for an early morning museum visit, so those tickets were in fact for the next day (Saturday), not today (Friday). We had nothing definitively scheduled until 1pm when I had reserved entry tickets to the Vatican Museum.

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The quest for the perfect (Jewish) artichoke

Whenever I see artichokes at the market, I immediately think of Italy. I have never had better artichoke dishes than while in Rome and Venice, particularly while in the historical Jewish ghetto districts of both cities where artichokes, in season, are treated and prepared in the most delicious ways imaginable.

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Marc Vetri’s Amis: Bring Friends to Enjoy Roman-Italian Food in Philadelphia

Italian “Small Plates” Inspired by the Regional Cuisine of Rome, Italy

While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has no shortage of great Italian restaurants, Marc Vetri’s latest offering, Amis, offers an experience like none other in the city. Inspired by the food of Roman trattorias, Amis concentrates on a style of cooking not often seen in America, where Southern and Northern Italian cuisines have been considerably more popular. With Amis, Vetri has introduced a restaurant which truly captures the experience of dining in Italy, where multiple courses of bruschetta, antipasti, pasta and meats are sampled and enjoyed. Amis has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia, and is a great place to enjoy with a group of friends or family.

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