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What’s for Dinner: A Week in Review

I had a busy week so I didn’t keep up with regular daily (or semi daily) postings. But here were the highlights of last week’s culinary experiments and adventures in the kitchen…

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Venice 2012 Day 6: Trattoria al Gatto Nero and Pizzeria la Perla

It was another beautiful weather day – how fortunate are we so far for late October? So we decided to make it a lagoon day by going back to Murano, then heading to Burano and Torcello if we had the time. We wanted to visit Murano on a day when the furnaces were open and we could hopefully see some of the glass makers at work.

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Restaurant review: Sfoglia NYC

Sometimes I just have to admit it: New York City’s restaurant scene and culture simply kicks Philadelphia’s ass. And times I have to admit it are when I discover and visit amazing NYC restaurants like Sfoglia on the Upper East Side. Last night I enjoyed an enchanting, delightful meal there with my sweetie on one of our rare single-day escapes to New York. We tend to end up on the UES a lot so we’ve tried a number of places in the area over the past several years, but Sfoglia was easily the most stunning to date.

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Roasted Summer Vegetable Risotto

An Easy Vegetable Risotto To Celebrate the Summer Harvest

Roasted Summer Vegetable RisottoEven many accomplished home chefs are intimidated by the idea of cooking risotto – that classic, creamy and rich rice dish from Italy. In actuality, risotto is not that difficult to make at all, it just requires your complete attention while cooking and a little advance planning to ensure your risotto comes out as delicious as possible. Risotto can be made with almost any combination of ingredients, but when the mid-summer vegetable harvest comes along, nothing can be more delicious than a tasty roasted summer vegetable risotto.

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