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Why Justin Warner gets my vote as “The Next Food Network Star”

Food Network’s reality series The Next Food Network Star isn’t one of my favorites (especially as so few of the winners really DO end up becoming “stars” of any merit), but I confess I got rather caught up in it this season. For once there were a few contestants I really liked (namely Justin, Ippy and Eric) along with those I really couldn’t stand at all (I’ll be nice and not name names.) Last night saw the final six come down to hour as Ippy and Nikki went home (yay for Nikki going away, boo for Ippy. I predict he still will get a tv series SOMEWHERE as he’s just too adorable and I’d love to see more about Hawaiian food on tv.)

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MasterChef US Season Three – my favorite TV “guilty pleasure” is back!

I confess, I love cooking shows on TV. They are basically all I watch these days. And one of my favorites (despite knowing surely how manipulative and staged much of it is) is MasterChef. I also know the US version supposedly can’t hold a spatula to the mega-popular Australian version, but I’ll take what I can get! I love playing along at home, trying to imagine what I’d cook for the Mystery Basket challenges and whether I could succeed or fail at the Pressure Tests. It’s cheesy and fun – but just don’t put cheese into your apple pie like contestant Michael did last night!

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