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Review: DiPaolo’s Italian Restaurant in Penns Grove, New Jersey

A seafood pasta dish at Di Paolo's Italian RistoranteDi Paolo’s was a very pleasant surprise, the night I found myself in this large, traditional Italian restaurant in Penns Grove. Those who know me know how fussy I am about my Italian food in restaurants, and I’ve often been disappointed with the options in South Jersey which are too Americanized for my tastes. From the pleasant environment to the excellently prepared food, I’d say Di Paolo’s certainly is one of the best Italian restaurants in the area, though with a hefty pricetag that makes it a definite special occasion restaurant and not one I’d be able to afford dining at regularly.

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DiPaolo’s Italian Restaurant in Penns Grove, New Jersey: Review

DiPaolo’s Italian Restaurant in Penns Grove Provides a Delicious Taste of Italy in Southern New Jersey

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