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More creations with pork: Bourbon and Peach Braised Shoulder Steaks

So once again I am continuing my quest to find the perfect way to cook pork shoulder steaks. And I think I’ve found my favorite one to date: braising them in a delicious mixture of bourbon and red wine, then finishing off with some sweet local peach preserves.

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Summer fruit of the week: Donut Peaches!

Donut Peaches

Donut peaches are here!

One of my favorite – and odd – summer fruit is just hitting the farmstands in South Jersey right now: Donut Peaches! Some people call them UFO Peaches, or Doughnut Peaches, but whatever you call them they are soooo good.

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Nothing fancy. Just damn good.

I’m slowly – ever so slowly – working my way through my copious fresh pork bounty (this reminds me I need to render some lard this weekend as I’m running low and promised a fresh batch to someone next week.) In any event, the other night I defrosted some pork chops and despite the heat was determined to get them on the grill.

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