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What’s for Dinner: Lemongrass Scampi with Fresh Pasta

After being on the road (again) for another week, I finally had a few days at home to catch up on cooking and other household projects. Yesterday I was in the mood to make a fresh batch of pasta from my beloved Lillo Due Professional Extruder; I know I owe friends some pasta I promised to send out around the holidays but I’m still working on perfecting drying for long-term storage and shipping. In the meantime, that means I get to make lots of pasta for myself and the sweetie, who never complains when it’s pasta night.

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What’s for Dinner: Beef Braciole with Mozzarella

Stuffed beef rolls, or braciole, is a dish my sweetie loves—or at least, he’s always telling me about how well a (now ex-) mother-in-law used to make it.  So it’s long been something on my mind to try to make one of these days, and I even have had some nice thin-cut beef round steaks in my freezer ready to use when the mood struck. Yesterday, with a snowstorm predicted to be on the way and I was content to stay at home all afternoon, seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a try. (It also didn’t hurt that while I was away for a week, my sweetie had gone crazy buying mozzarella on sale that needed to be used up quickly. And winter isn’t exactly the best time of year to make my usual favorite of Caprese salad

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What’s for Dinner: Seafood Stew with Sausage, Tomatoes, Herbs and Wine

I’ve actually been on the road all week, so there actually hasn’t been much “What’s for Dinner” to post. Before I left, however, I made a couple big batches of food for my sweetie to eat while I was away. One was the sausage and lentil stew I posted about earlier. I still had about a pound of sausage defrosted after making that, so I wanted to use that up in something else but with a lighter touch than just more meat. I had some small scallops and other fish in my freezer so I searched around for a stew or soup of some kind to use them all, something different from a paella I’d otherwise make.

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What’s for dinner: Weekend edition

As I mentioned last week, this past Thursday was the 10th anniversary of my first date with my sweetie. So while we had a nice dinner at Bo Ne that evening, we really wanted to do something special Friday night when we had more time. So a dinner at StudioKitchen in Philadelphia seemed perfect to fit the bill.

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Orecchiette with Broccoli Pesto and Ham

A Quick and Tasty Pasta Dinner for the Wintertime (or Anytime at all!)

pasta closeup

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