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Back to the “Bull on the Barn” Bayshore Crab House in Newport, NJ

Two summers ago, the sweetie and I checked out the Bay Shore Crab House (known at the time as the “Bull on the Barn” because of its easy-to-spot outdoor mural) for the first time. (Here’s my review of that visit.) We enjoyed a tasty, if early season, selection of Jersey crabs and swore we would return again soon.

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Bull on the Barn Bayshore Crab House in Newport NJ

A few weeks ago the sweetie and I took a Sunday drive down to Fortescue and the surrounding area, wanting to see how the area was (or wasn’t) recovering from Hurricane Sandy. The beach was pretty deserted save for fisherman and the bane of their catch, the local Horseshoe Crabs. Damaged homes lined the beach front area still, and it was an eerie sight passing some still with their Halloween decorations up – a sign of normal life cut abruptly short at the end of last October.

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