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Italy 2014 Day 6: Ristorante O’ Chiaiese (Naples)

For our first full day in Naples, we decided to spend our time mostly walking about and discovering the churches and other attractions of the historic center of the city. We started with early morning cappuccino at one of the many cafes along our walk: Bar Fiorillo, which served more perfect Neapolitan espresso drinks and humongous sweet cornetti. The older gentleman running the register was very kind and patient with our poor Italian—another one of those tastes of Naples’ wonderful hospitality which we would encounter throughout our stay.

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Italy 2014 Day 5: Pizzeria Vesi (Naples)

January 6. We slept in late, as our train to Naples did not leave until close to 1pm. We also slept in because the sweetie had been up most of the night, trying to follow the Eagles/Saints playoff game on our failing wifi connection (and the less said about that game the better.)

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