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5 Days in Lansing, Michigan: Quick Bites and a Return Visit

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, I went on my annual “pilgrimage” to MediaWest*Con in Lansing, Michigan. I’ve been attending (and dealing) at MWC for over 15 years now – scary to realize, and only have missed perhaps two years during that time. But it’s only in the past few years I’ve been at the con with my own wheels instead of flying in, so I can drive around and eat away from the convention hotel and walkable restaurants.

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What’s been cooking…the end-of-the-week wrap up.

After coming home from Dragon*Con, it actually felt wonderful to be back in my kitchen. There’s only so much junk food and fast food and even good restaurant food I can take before craving my own creations. So even while fighting some residual “con crud”, I still managed to conjure up some “good eats” this past week. Here are just a few highlights:

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Review: Mission Grill, Philadelphia PA

Tacos at the Mission Grill in Philadelphia, PAI love Mexican and Tex-Mex food, but it’s always seemed so difficult to find good Tex-Mex in the Philly area. So I was keen to give The Mission Grill a try one night when looking for a place for an early dinner in the Art Museum/Fairmount area. Somehow this place had always escaped my radar and I’d never heard it mentioned on any food forums or blogs for the city.

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El Rey Mexican Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A Review

Good Food, Great Service, and a Fun Interior Make This Stephen Starr Restaurant Worth Visiting

Stephen Starr has been a major player in Philadelphia’s dining scene since the 1990s, and recently brought his second Mexican restaurant to the city: El Rey. Taking over an old, seedy diner location on Chestnut Street, just north of Rittenhouse Square, El Rey retains much of the original funky atmosphere to create the feel of a Mexican roadside dive. Yet the food and drink at El Rey is definitely a far step beyond average, featuring fresh ingredients and home-style Mexican cuisine.

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