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Lugo Cucina E Vino at the Revel in Atlantic City

Last night the sweetie and I were in Atlantic City to catch Depeche Mode at Revel’s Ovation Hall (excellent concert, btw, but I’ll be reviewing it elsewhere!). We took “the backroads” to avoid the Labor Day shore traffic, and to enjoy a leisurely dinner first. The only Revel restaurant I’d been able to get us reservations at for the evening was Lugo Cucina E Vino, which I knew very little about. Still, the menu looked promising and certainly up sweetie’s alley given the promise of housemade mozzarella and fresh pasta dishes. Overall I thought it was a very nice meal with some surprisingly good food! I would be happy to go back there again, especially before a show at Ovation Hall.  Last time we were at the Revel we tried The Mussel Bar, which we both also enjoyed quite a bit. So that’s two for two at Revel for us.

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