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Top 5 Italian BYOB Restaurants Near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This Philadelphia Neighborhood Has Many Outstanding Options for Fine Italian Dining

What are the best Italian BYOB restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? This question is one I see asked regularly on “foodie” and travel forums such as ChowHound and eGullet. There are so many excellent Italian BYOBs throughout the city that it is best to examine just one neighborhood at a time. Rittenhouse Square is a popular Center City neighborhood in Philadelphia, filled with fancy shopping boutiques, luxury condominiums, deluxe hotels and of course excellent dining destinations. For visitors and city residents alike, it is a great neighborhood for planning an evening out, and many Italian BYOB restaurants are in the immediate area. Below are five of my favorites. Whether you are looking for a romantic hideaway, a modern atmosphere and menu, or traditional Italian favorites, these restaurants have something to satisfy everyone. As you can bring your own wine, cost is also kept more reasonable; it is very possible to have a very large, multi-course meal at any of these establishments for $60-100 for two.

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