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Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Italian Gremolata

Autumn vegetables with gremolata.I love making roasted vegetables in the autumn and winter months. It’s a great way to bring out the flavor of these hearty root vegetables and keep their texture firm and crisp, compared to boiling them away into mushy blandness. Roasted autumn vegetables are a great choice for a Thanksgiving or other holiday meal as they go well with everything from a stuffed turkey to a leg of lamb – or they can even be a satisfying part of an all-vegetarian feast!

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Cooking catch-up: venison, pork and potatoes (oh my!)

I’m still playing catch-up with this blog after a busy month in February, writing to some challenges on other sites. But a fair amount of that content was coming up with some new recipes, so let me share them here (along with a few cookbook experiments that came out really well in recent weeks…)

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Potato and Kohlrabi Soup

This is a delicious soup great for the winter months – and as a twist on something “Irish” for St. Patrick’s Day.

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