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Skillet “Pot Pie”

A Delicious Stove Top to Oven “Pot Pie”

skillet pot pieWhat to do with leftover turkey, chicken or ham?

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Orecchiette with Broccoli Pesto and Ham

A Quick and Tasty Pasta Dinner for the Wintertime (or Anytime at all!)

pasta closeup

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What’s been cooking…the summer edition

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, mostly as July was a horribly busy month with some serious ups and downs. One of the downs was me being out of commission with a bad summer bug for several weeks. I couldn’t even taste anything at all for most of a week – what a horrible waste in the middle of the New Jersey fruit and vegetable season!

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A few new recipes from recent weeks

I’ve been having some fun in the kitchen the past few weeks, working on a couple new recipes. Sometimes creative cooking is a challenge in the winter – I miss all those wonderful fresh Jersey fruits and vegetables – but there is still a lot that can be enjoyed combining year-round veggies, pantry staples and some good quality fresh meats.

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Holiday Party 2012: The Reckoning

This past weekend I hosted what’s become pretty much my annual holiday gathering of friends & food at the house. About a week’s worth of preparation went into the food – I do all the cooking save desserts, which I’m always happy to let others bring (and that way temptation isn’t sitting around mocking me for days when I’m trying to lose some weight as well!) Let’s take stock on how the preparations & party unfolded:

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