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Tasty Eats in Middletown, New York: Seriously Tasty Asian Food!

Probably no one was more surprised than I could be when my mother recently called to extol the praises of a new Chinese restaurant in Middletown, New York. The area isn’t exactly known for its Asian cuisine, at least not of a more authentic and non-Americanized take-out variety. (Middletown regretfully could not even support the one Asian supermarket which tried to operate there several years ago, Great Tang.) But as they are located right across the street from her regular veterinary clinic, we made plans to visit together the next time I was in the area for a visit, and boy if I wasn’t wonderfully surprised by the delicious meal we enjoyed together! Tasty Eats is serving the kind of authentic, home-cooked Chinese food you won’t find at most restaurants in the area…or most areas beyond big city Chinatowns on the East Coast. I heartily recommend giving them a try if you ever find yourself in the area and want to explore some wonderful tastes and delicacies.

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What’s for Dinner: Szechuan Fish and Vegetable Fried Rice

Tuesday ended up being the winter storm that wasn’t; Juno came through South Jersey like a whimper, not a rage, an almost embarrassment of over-preparation. Like every other crazy person out there, I had stocked up on milk, eggs, and bread the day before—not because I wanted to make French toast but because I honestly use and need these things in my regular cooking!

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