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Next Food Network Star: Why Russell gets my vote

So I’ve been following Next Food Network Star since the beginning of this season, even though none of the contestants really grabbed me entirely from the start and convinced me I’d be interested in a show featuring them. Some just seemed boring; some seemed like reality tv attention hogs and celeb wannabes; a few were downright creepy (I won’t name names.)

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Next Food Network Star…quick thoughts after the first episode

I’m not sure why I keep watching Next Food Network Star every season, given what a joke it really is. (When Guy Fieri is a network’s most successful find via this competition that kind of says something…) And especially when I actually was excited about the possibility of a cooking show by Justin Warner last season and then he just…basically vanished after a single pilot show that had nothing to do with his original show premise and just looked like another generic Food Network road/food show.

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Why Justin Warner gets my vote as “The Next Food Network Star”

Food Network’s reality series The Next Food Network Star isn’t one of my favorites (especially as so few of the winners really DO end up becoming “stars” of any merit), but I confess I got rather caught up in it this season. For once there were a few contestants I really liked (namely Justin, Ippy and Eric) along with those I really couldn’t stand at all (I’ll be nice and not name names.) Last night saw the final six come down to hour as Ippy and Nikki went home (yay for Nikki going away, boo for Ippy. I predict he still will get a tv series SOMEWHERE as he’s just too adorable and I’d love to see more about Hawaiian food on tv.)

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