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Review: The Franklinville Inn

The Franklinville Inn

The Franklinville Inn

I confess, I’m generally very leery of “fine dining” establishments in South Jersey/Southeast PA. Particularly when the word “Inn” appears in their name. Far too often, these “fine dining inns” may have a charming, quaint interior recalling times gone by, but the food is nowhere near “fine” and seems to be stuck somewhere back in the 70s or 80s as far as what an exceptional dinner should be like. In worst situations, the menu items may sound “elegant”, but when they reach the table it’s clear they are as pre-made and generic as anything you’d find at a local Applebee’s.

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Review: River Winds, West Deptford NJ

Stuffed Mushrooms at the River Winds RestaurantThe River Winds was a much anticipated and long-delayed project in West Deptford, New Jersey. But after a somewhat rocky start, the restaurant at the River Winds seems to have found its groove. My River Winds review was based on several visits for holiday luncheons, and later I also attended a special function there which was excellently handled and quite reasonably priced given the quality of the food. I would absolutely recommend the River Winds for anyone looking for special event or fine dining in South Jersey.