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Zeppoli BYOB Restaurant in Collingswood, New Jersey

Zeppoli is a restaurant which has long been near the top of my “must try list”, based on the incredibly effusive reviews I’ve read on Chowhound and elsewhere. Some have gone so far as to proclaim Zeppoli the best Italian restaurant not just in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area but perhaps in the entire United States.

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Sapori Trattoria BYOB in Collingswood, NJ

Every year for my birthday I like to visit a restaurant that’s been on my “must try” list for ages. This year, that restaurant was Sapori Trattoria in Collingswood. As skeptical as I am about most New Jersey Italian restaurants being “authentic” Italian (and not Italian-American), the menu at Sapori intrigued me by promising some original offerings far beyond the typical Marsala, Piccatta and Parm that typically dominate in these parts. Head Chef Franco Lombardo hails originally from Palermo and worked for some years at the popular and well-respected La Locanda Del Ghiottone in Philadelphia before opening Sapori. All in all, it sounded promising, and overall, I was pleased (if not “blown away”) with our experience.

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At Long Last, Sagami

It’s long been a sad but true fact – or at least, a statement taken as fact by many of Philadelphia’s top foodies – that the best sushi in all of Philly is actually found in South Jersey. The battle for top sushi destination generally is fought between Matt Ito’s Fuji in Haddonfield and Shigeru Fukuyoshi’s Sagami in Collingswood. I’d yet to get the chance to try either until this past weekend, when I finally went to Sagami to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And I’m so glad that I did! Sagami is every bit as wonderful as I’d been lead to believe it is. So often, heavily hyped-up restaurants end up disappointing me, but there was hardly a single off note in our entire dinner experience.

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