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The quest for the perfect (Jewish) artichoke

Whenever I see artichokes at the market, I immediately think of Italy. I have never had better artichoke dishes than while in Rome and Venice, particularly while in the historical Jewish ghetto districts of both cities where artichokes, in season, are treated and prepared in the most delicious ways imaginable.

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Venice 2012 Day 4: Osteria Al Ponte “La Patatina” and Bacaro Da Fiore

The previous day had been so overwhelming and busy we slept in quite late the next morning, not in any particular rush to get anywhere. We lingered about our apartment before going for a late breakfast at what was already becoming our regular morning hangout: Bar Spritz. Some mornings it was a cafe and a brioche, but on a later morning, one of their savory croissants or sandwiches was more in order to start the day. If we arrived early, there was a tiny old lady who would show up about 9:30 for her morning birra. When teased she would profusely deny the appropriateness of anything heavy to drink (god forbid grappa!) early in the day. But beer? Totally perfecto in the morning. One glass and she’d be off for the day’s errands.

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Venetian Cicchetti: The Small Plates of Venice, Italy

Venetian CicchettiVenice is perhaps my favorite place in the world – at least that I’ve so far had the chance to explore. Beautiful, unique, mysterious, she is also home to some incredible food and unique specialties. “Cicchetti” is the Venetian equivalent of tapas, and these small plates are found at numerous traditional bars and osterias throughout the city.

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