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3 Days in Chicago: Miller’s Pub

It was a sunny if chilly Sunday morning when sweetie and I found ourselves looking for a brunch option and stumbled upon Miller’s Pub. We’d been looking for anything open that wasn’t a chain sandwich shop or — God forbid — deep dish pizza place (sorry, Chicagoans, but my opinion of deep dish pie is basically the same as Jon Stewart’s.) It was 11am and Miller’s Pub was not only open but promised a wide selection of options from breakfast omelettes to full dinner entrees. A quick peek in the door and there was no way we couldn’t stop in for what was supposed to be a light bite, but ended up being an extremely hearty meal to keep us warm and stuffed all afternoon.

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3 Days in Chicago: Publican

One Chicago restaurant which came highly recommended to me (both by local friends and foodie forums I visit) was Publican, described as “An homage to beer, pork and oysters”—nothing wrong with any of these things, right? Seasonal, local ingredients are at the forefront of the menu and it all looked delicious to me as I read the descriptions on-line in advance of our trip.

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3 Days in Chicago: Terzo Piano

"The Bean" - Chicago, Illinois

“The Bean” – Chicago, Illinois

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