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My Philadelphia Dining Guide

Duck fat french fries at Village Whiskey in Philadelphia

Duck fat french fries at Village Whiskey

Food in Philadelphia is about far more than cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. The city is a vibrant scene for top chefs (even some Iron Chefs!), hot BYOBs, gourmet food markets, great gastropubs and more. In my Guide to Dining Out in Philadelphia you’ll find lots of useful information including my picks for some of the city’s best restaurants, the latest blog headlines from some of Philly’s best food blogs, as well as links to many city guides. Whether you’re looking for great lunch deals, romantic locations, top sushi or seafood restaurants, you’ll be sure to find what you need to know. You can also cast your vote in several polls and surveys about Philadelphia’s finest offerings.

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Need Great Italian Recipes? Check out my Top 10 List of Italian Cookbooks

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Top 5 Sushi Bars and Restaurants Near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lunch sashimi at Numa in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Mmmm…sushi. One of my favorite foods in the world.

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10 Authentic Dishes to Enjoy in Rome, Italy

Traditional Meals and Delicacies to Savor in the Eternal City

Rome is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, yet many visitors miss the opportunity to enjoy truly authentic Roman cuisine. The unique specialties of Roman cooking reflect the ancient city’s rich history and varying cultural influences, from the offal meats first prepared by the butchers of the Testaccio district to the Jewish traditions followed in the Roman Ghetto. Pasta is of course a mainstay of the Roman diet, but you should be sure to try those preparations and sauces which are most typical to the region instead of generic “Spaghetti Marinara” or “Fettucine Alfredo” as may appear far too often on Roman restaurants’ “Menus Turistico.” What follows are 10 specialties of Roman cuisine you should try to enjoy when visiting the Eternal City.

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3 Great Non-Chain Seafood Restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There is absolutely no reason to ever set food in a chain restaurant when in Philly.

Seriously. That’s like going to the Olive Garden when in New York City. I just don’t get it.

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