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Venice 2012 Day 3: B Restaurant Alla Vecchia Pescheria (Murano) and Al Vagon

Day three in Venice was a whirlwind that is exhausting for me to even begin to write about!

We set out with a plan to spend the bulk of our day on Murano – last trip we’d only touched down there briefly (spending all of a day on Burano and Torcello instead). I’ve been a collector of Murano glass for years and we had it in our heads to shop for a chandelier for the house this trip. But getting to Murano meant a decent hike up to the Fondamente Nuove vaporetto stop first. This was fine as there were several spots along the way we wanted to check out – including the incredible Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli which had always been closed every time we passed by it last trip. Fortunately this time the doors were open and we were able to admire the incredible (and dizzying) interior of this beautiful church – restored in 1987–1997 and partly funded by (you guessed it) Save Venice.

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