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Italy 2014 Day 16: Goodbye, Salerno! And a final meal at L’antico Molo (Fiumicino)

Well, it was finally time to get ready to say goodbye not just to Salerno but to Italy: our last full day before flying home had arrived. And after over two weeks of amazing adventures (and food), we were quite honestly getting ready to go home. Exhaustion and a blasted stomach virus we seemed to be passing back and forth had us both worn down and ready to catch up on some needed rest in our own bed in New Jersey.

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Italy 2014 Day 15: Amalfi Coast drive and Osteria Angolo Masuccio (Salerno)

Fortunately it looked as though the weather was going to co-orperate with us on our last full day staying in Salerno, as our plan was to take a ride along the Amalfi Coast. Our host at Salerno Centro, Francesco, would be our driver and we were hoping to make it to three of the major cities along the coast: Amalfi, Ravello and Positano.

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Italy 2014 Day 14: Paestum…and a Pasta Lesson!

I was still feeling a little under the weather when we got up this morning, but there would be no lying around in bed today. We had a busy schedule ahead of us: a tour by car south of Salerno to Paestum, with a stop at a buffalo mozzarella farm along the way. And that was just for the morning and early afternoon; in the evening we would be joining our hosts at Salerno Centro for dinner at Lena and Pasquale’s house and a lesson in pasta-making.

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Italy 2014 Day 13: De Gustibus and Ristorante Santa Lucia (Salerno)

Unfortunately I did not have a good night’s sleep on my first night in Salerno. It wasn’t the fault of our comfortable room and bed at Salerno Centro, but seemed to be a double-whammy of having an unexpected garlic intolerance attack after last night’s dinner (most likely because of the steak) and a stomach virus, given the sweetie would come down with the same symptoms of a few days later. Needless to say, I didn’t wake up feeling my best and it was an effort to eat any of the lovely breakfast waiting for us. A little yogurt and homemade coffee cake did settle the stomach a little bit, but that was all I could manage.

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My Freezer is Full, Thanks to Monte the Meat Man

A freezer full of meat thanks to Monte the Meat Man.

My freezer full of meat thanks to Monte the Meat Man.

I’ve always been leery of home-delivery, frozen food services – perhaps because my grandmother used them for many years for convenience, and I always thought the prices were way out of line for the dubious quality of what she got. There seemed to be a door-to-door salesman, scammy aspect to these services in my mind.

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