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First Impression: Auburn Road Vineyard

First Impressions: Coda Rossa Winery

For the Love of Sushi

An assortment of sushi maki rolls from Eastern Garden Restaurant in Sussex, New JerseySushi is one of my favorite foods. I’ve actually loved sushi since I was a fairly young child, which might seem odd for an Italian-Polish girl who grew up in a rural area of New York State. But I was fortunate enough to be introduced to sushi at an early age by my mother and now, thirty-odd years later, I can rarely pass up an opportunity to enjoy good sushi and Japanese food.

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Visiting Eataly New York

Tempting Delights at Eataly NYCBack in October 2010, I had the chance to spend an afternoon visiting New York City’s Eataly, the mega, almost Disneyland-ish Italian food marketplace. I know Eataly was getting a lot of criticism at the time from those complaining about its confusing layout (true), high prices (true), and somewhat cold and sterile atmosphere (also true). However, I can’t deny it was a delight as well – just simply getting to gawk at all those wonderful Italian food products, beautiful meats and vegetables, sitting in the “Piazza” for a time with a good glass of wine and an exceptional charcuterie plate. I would love to go back sometime soon and be able to actually do some shopping or try one of the restaurants on the premises; at the time I was in a rush and had a concert to go to at Madison Square Garden that night, so it wasn’t a good time to be buying and carrying out a lot of food for later.

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Is egullet dead?

Or at least, are the U.S. Regional Food Forums on egullet not even worth bothering with any longer?

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