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Along with this blog, I’ve also written a number of food, drink, and dining-related articles elsewhere through the years for websites including HubPages and Wizzley. You can find links to them here.

Cookbook Reviews

“500 Indian Recipes” Cookbook Review
Intimidated by the idea of trying to cook Indian food at home? Don’t be! This cookbook provides an excellent introduction to techniques and traditional Indian recipes.

Cookware Reviews and Techniques

Review: Emeril by All-Clad Cast-Iron 2-Burner Reversible Grill / Griddle
Review of the Emeril by All-Clad Cast-Iron Reversible Grill/ Griddle. This pan is great for getting an outdoor grill flavor and cook on your indoor stove top.

Make Professional Quality Artisinal Pasta At Home With the Lillo Due Pasta Extruder
The Lillo Due Pasta Extruder by Bottene in review. This professional quality machine will allow anyone to make artisinal extruded pasta in their home kitchen.

Diet and Health

Diet Soda and Weight Gain
Could diet soda actually be making you gain weight? Before you grab another can of “zero calorie” soda, consider the conflicting evidence and potential hazards.

Foodie Gift Guides

Gifts For The Chef Who Has Everything
Do you know someone who loves to cook – but they seem to have every kitchen gadget under the sun? Then check out this gift guide for some unique “foodie” gift ideas.

Gifts for Indian Food Lovers
Do you know someone who loves Indian food, and is interested in learning to prepare it at home? This gift guide will share a variety of ideas related to Indian cooking and cuisine.

Gifts for Japanese Food Lovers
Do you know someone who loves Japanese food? Here you’ll find recommended cookbooks, cookware, serving sets and more that would make for great gift items.

Gifts for Pasta Lovers
Gift giving ideas for people who absolutely love pasta. Gourmet gift packages, cookbooks, pasta-making equipment and much more!

General Food and Cooking Topics

The Art of Cooking with Salt
Salt is one of the most basic and also most important seasoning elements in many cuisines around the world. But how good are your “salt skills”?

Easy Ways to Jazz Up Taco Night
Start with a taco dinner kit in a box, and turn it into something fancier – and tastier – with a few simple tricks and recipe ideas.

Fresh Salsa: Easy, Fast and Delicious
Salsa: it goes great with more than just chips! Salsa can be used to dress up steaks, seafood and poultry dishes and it’s easy to make from a variety of different fresh ingredients

Host an Italian Cicchetti Party
Cicchetti is the Italian version of small plates or “tapas”-style food. It’s perfect for a cocktail party or other gathering. Let me share some great cicchetti ideas and recipes!

Sriracha: Some Like It VERY Hot
Sriracha, also known as the “Rooster Sauce”. People are putting it on everything these days, but do you know the sauce’s origins?

Sweet “Sushi” Desserts and Party Treats
Sushi normally is traditionally with raw fish, vegetables and vinegar rice. But you can make fun “dessert sushi” with all kinds of ingredients!

Italian Cocktails and Liquers

Cynar: Cocktails, Collectibles and History
Cynar is a popular Italian bitter liquer, enjoyed both straight and in delicious cocktails.

What is Grappa?
Grappa is an Italian specialty, often enjoyed after meals, or with a shot of espresso! Learn more about the history of this unique wine-based product.

Philadelphia and South Jersey Food & Dining

A Guide to Enjoying a Proper Philadelphia Cheesesteak
Where and how to order Philly’s most famous food specialty. No visitor to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania should miss trying out a real Philly cheesesteak.


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