What’s for dinner: January 5, 2015


What’s for dinner tonight? What’s become one of my favorite meals to make sous vide: steak! Filet mignon, to be precise. I have found nothing is more perfect to make using sous vide at home than beautiful, lean filet steaks which otherwise can be easy to overcook or end up nearly raw inside even with a good outside sear.

sous vide filet mignon with eggplant fries

I don’t mess around too much with the seasoning on these. They are nice thick-cut filets I get from Monte the Meat Man (actually his brother Pat, who does the route in our area.) I vacuum packed them with just some crushed garlic, steak seasoning, salt and a little bit of olive oil. Did about three hours sous vide at 135F, then seared quickly in butter with a salt/pepper crust. It doesn’t get much better than this. I just served a little HP sauce on the side.

Those aren’t french fries on the side, by the way. They are eggplant fries, a recipe from Marc Vetri’s Rustic Italian Food. The book was one of my Christmas gifts this season from my sweetie and I am totally in love with it already (I have my bread starter in my refrigerator and plan this week to try one of his pizza recipes). The eggplant fries are super easy to make and honestly one of the most delicious ways I’ve ever made eggplant in my life! And all it takes is eggplant, milk, flour, salt, pepper and frying oil.

I also served this with a quick chopped salad with blue cheese dressing – admittedly from a bag, but I have fallen in love with Dole’s Chopped Salad Kits lately. I love the mix of greens, cabbage, kale and just enough fixing to make for a nice salad side with dinner. When I’ve been fussing over a main and at least one side already, it’s nice to have something to just through in a bowl and be done with!

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