“Best Ever” swordfish from “Best Ever Spanish” cookbook?

Spanish Swordfish Stew

Spanish Swordfish Stew

Well, perhaps “best ever” is a slight hyperbole, but I did prepare a fabulous swordfish stew this weekend that is one of the nicest preparations I’ve made of this fish before. Hence, why I had to make a quick post about it – mostly so I wouldn’t lose track of where I’d found the recipe!

It was simply called Spanish Swordfish Stew and came from a little cookbook called “Best Ever Spanish”. Just one of those bargain-priced cookbooks I’m always on the lookout for in bookshops. Many of these are “Best Ever” or “Greatest Ever” compilations published by Parragon Books in the UK, and I actually find them quite good references, especially them I’m just starting to explore a new-to-me-cuisine for the first time, like Spanish cooking.

This recipe was relatively simple to prepare with a pleasing combination of flavors: tomatoes, potatoes, black olives, peppers, garlic, and shallots. I cooked it stovetop in a terra cotta pot and the results were very pleasing – even actually the next day (today) when I warmed up the leftovers for lunch. Swordfish can really be a difficult fish to cook well, in my experience: to keep it moist and not have it dry out, and also to combat some of the heavier flavor of the fish that can sometimes be a bit off-putting.

In any event, I’ll definitely be trying more recipes from this cookbook now that this one came out so well!

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