More creations with pork: Bourbon and Peach Braised Shoulder Steaks


So once again I am continuing my quest to find the perfect way to cook pork shoulder steaks. And I think I’ve found my favorite one to date: braising them in a delicious mixture of bourbon and red wine, then finishing off with some sweet local peach preserves.

Bourbon and Peach Braised Shoulder Steaks

I can’t wait to make these again this summer, once I can get fresh local peaches to make a tasty salsa to serve on the side. I also want to try this same approach with a rack of pork ribs as I have a feeling they’ll be equally delicious after a slow cook in the oven, then finished sticky-sweet on the grill.

My recipe for Bourbon and Peach Braised Shoulder Steaks (links to Zujava).

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