A not so fabulous end to 2012…


Hello all and Happy New Year! I’m sorry I’ve been slow at updating here recently, and with finishing off my Venice travel report. Truthfully I had a pretty bad set back right at the end of the year with my computer harddrive failing completely out of nowhere – and I lost a good majority of all of my photos from the Venice trip, and numerous other events from the past year, and it was just really devastating to me. I’ve had a hard time getting compelled to get back into writing and blogging again after that, especially as it was my own stupidity of not backing up my computer since the trip.

I’m only thankful now that I’d shared so many of my “best” photos of the trip here already, and in some of my Venice articles for Squidoo…but a lot is still gone for good and not easily replaceable. Yes, everyone’s joking “Oh that means you’ll just have to go back to Venice again!” which…yeah, great, I won’t complain about that. But chances are that’ll be several years down the road and I’ve got other places to travel to in Italy first…

Sigh. Sorry to start the New Year off here on a down note. I’d planned to do a year-in-review post but just don’t have the heart for it right now. And if I have a New Year’s resolution it’s to invest (time and money-wise) in a regular computer back-up regimen so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

I’ll be back when I have more positive things to post about!

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  1. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the computer. Lost a restaurant database I had been keeping up for three years due to a hard drive crash, so I know how you feel. Keep up the writing!

    • Thanks for the sympathies and encouragement. It seems the importance of backing up regularly is a lesson we all end up needing to learn the hard way…at least once!

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