A quick look at Weight Watchers new 360 Plan…


I promise to finish up the last few days of my Venice travelog shortly – the holiday season just throws everything into overdrive and craziness! But I have spent a little time checking out the latest iteration of Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus plan for 2013 called the “360 Plan”.

You can read more about it in my Squidoo article Weight Watchers 360 Plan for 2013, but in brief? I think it’s about time they finally got on the bandwagon of realizing that there a lot more factors beyond counting “Points” and exercising when you’re trying to not just lose weight but keep it off long term. I don’t know how much I’d find their new tools, “Spaces” and “Routines”, all that especially helpful. I’ve been finding much better success at the moment using SparkPeople (free, BTW) instead to lose that Venice-travel weight – and then some. I like the SparkTeams that really let you set specific goals for yourself based on your personal weight loss challenges and obstacles. It feels much more personalized – and personal – than WeightWatchers, which has only frustrated me every time I’ve tried to get back on their bandwagon since the introduction of Points Plus.

Anyway, such are my thoughts at the moment. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what kind of feedback I get on the article from Weight Watchers users currently giving 360 a try…

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