Venice 2012 Post-Trip Notes and Summary

Sunset over Venice

Sunset over Venice

Well, our planned 10-days in Venice, Italy turned into two full weeks, thanks to Hurricane Sandy shutting down all flights back home for a few days. But at least we were stranded in one of the most beautiful places in the world for a few extra days – no great hardship – which allowed us to get in a few more sights, side-trips, and of course MORE FOOD. (And quite a lot of this stuff, too:)

Limoncello bottles in a shop window

I suppose the easiest way for me to do this write up is go day by day through my food notes, photos and restaurant reviews. As I predicted, we did not have a single bad meal in the city with just some careful selection and going on a few recommendations – although mostly using our own “spidey senses” for what looked like a good bet or not (Foursquare tips being very helpful as well). While a few meals were certainly more notable than others, and some so outstanding we went back to the same place repeatedly, overall I found the food just as I remembered from five years before: extremely fresh, simply seasoned (if sometimes a bit salty), seasonal and inspirational. It made me long to live there if I could shop in a produce market like this every day:

Venice market

And get my seafood where the selections abounds daily like so:



Rialto market

So I hope you enjoy my upcoming tour of the food of Venice, whether you are planning a trip yourself in the future or just want to experience a “Virtual Venice” foodie vacation. We sampled places all over the main Venetian islands as well as Burano, Murano, Torcello, Giudecca and even took day trips to Vicenza and Padua – I’ll be writing it all up as quickly as I can.

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