What’s been cooking…the end-of-the-week wrap up.


After coming home from Dragon*Con, it actually felt wonderful to be back in my kitchen. There’s only so much junk food and fast food and even good restaurant food I can take before craving my own creations. So even while fighting some residual “con crud”, I still managed to conjure up some “good eats” this past week. Here are just a few highlights:

Swordfish Involtini

Swordfish Involtini with Tomato and Green Olive Sauce. Rolled and stuffed swordfish is something I’ve been wanting to learn to make for some time. It was actually easier to prepare than I imagined it would be, although my swordfish steaks were a little oddly cut, so not the easiest to make consistent, thin slices for rolling. Still, overall I was happy with how this recipe came out, especially served alongside this yummy tomato and basil tart:

Tomato and Basil Tart

My garden is still producing an excessive amount of tomatoes so every day it’s a challenge to come up with new ways to enjoy them. Another success from this past week was making Khatte Chole, an Indian dish of stewed tomatoes, onions, spices and chick peas. This was really delicious and I ended up enjoying it for several days for a hearty lunch.

Khatte Chole

Also, one great pizza from this week was a delicious “Mexican” style pizza, featuring black beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, black olives, cheese and fresh-made guacamole to finish it. I could eat this almost every day.

Mexican Pizza

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    That khatte chole sounds truly yummy! Would you mind sharing (or pointing me to) the reicpe?

    • Sure! I’ll get it written up in the next day or so and get it posted for you 🙂 It’s pretty simple but really flavorful if you have the right spices for it.

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