August = Kohlrabi Season


I didn’t know anything about Kohlrabi until I picked up a package of purple Kohlrabi seeds to plant this spring. Truthfully they just looked cool on the package, and I’m a sucker for anything purple.

Of all the veggies I decided to grow this year, Kohlrabi has actually thrived the best. Very little insect damage, little loss to either being too wet or too hot…just seems like a very easy crop to grow. Of course, I hoped I actually liked the taste of it after having what looked like a good hundred or so growing in the garden. I knew they were related to the cabbage family and supposedly had a taste like broccoli stems, just perhaps “nuttier”. Well, last night was the time to finally harvest one that was at a good size and give it a test.

Purple Kohlrabi

Once peeled, the bulb is actually a greenish-white color – shame that pretty purple color is all gone! Taking a thin slice, it definitely was quite firm and crunchy – but I did like the flavor quite a bit. Now what to do with it? I decided to go with a Kohlrabi, Beet and Apple Slaw, more or less following the recipe in the link (though I used store-bought mayo and added some carrot and cilantro.) I had some really nice, small fresh beets to eat up and they really are delicious raw.

Kohlrabi Slaw

The greens were so beautiful, I thought it would be nice to sauté them in some of my home-rendered pork lard with onion and white wine to do “Kolrahbi Two Ways” for dinner. These were yummy.

Kolrahbi Greens

I’m sort of tempted to see just how many different ways I can cook up my Kolrahbi harvest this summer. It seems like a very versatile vegetable with a lot of fun possibilities to explore.

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