Heirloom Tomato “Caesar Salad”


Mixed heirloom tomatoes
Yesterday one of my neighbors brought over some beautiful yellow and variegated tomatoes from his organic garden – it seems none of us right now have any shortage of beautiful tomatoes this season. I’d just gotten the newest issue of Food Network Magazine and of course, the current cover recipe was a stunning-looking Tomato “Caesar Salad”. I just had to try it out for dinner and overall thought it was quite nice – although I may tweak the details next time to give it more of an actual “Caesar Salad” taste.
Sliced and dressed tomatoes
The tomatoes are thinly sliced and mixed with a dressing of anchovies, olive oil, salt pepper, lemon and Worchestershire sauce.

The final salad is topped with baked “crust” of Parmesan cheese, crisped bacon and a little flour to bind it all together.
The final salad
Overall, I like Food Network Magazine despite it being more like a fashion mag (lots of advertising and fluff) than a traditional food magazine. The recipes are a bit more practical and easy-to-recreate than what you find in Food & Wine, or some of the Italian cooking magazines I mostly enjoy for the droolworthy photography.

Speaking of which, in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures here I just got myself a new digital SLR camera. So yes, expect the photo quality of this blog to to “kicked up a notch” from this point forward!

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