Philly Cupcake Company coming to 20th & South


I don’t normally post here about upcoming food/dining openings, but this does have me excited. Philly Cupcake is coming to 20th & South soon and should be serving Illy Coffee, Bassett’s Ice Cream, and Philly Chocolate…of course, along with their wonderful cupcakes.


1944 South Street

Home. Formerly.

Because, you see, for 8 years or so I called 1944 South St., their upcoming location, my home. I lived upstairs, there. I had my painting studio on the first floor (and yes, that “underused” and “seldom open” gallery was mine). We came in to the gallery business with a lot of love and passion but no experience. We faced a lot of adversity in the neighborhood, coming in about 12 years ago when the area was still undergoing a lot of changes and conflict. I’d be lying to say any of it was easy, yet I can see today how much has changed and how it’s becoming a wonderful place to live, shop, and EAT!

I loved the area and living there, through it all. I loved many of my neighbors dearly, those who helped me out numerous times in tough spots. I love the people who still call me up or email to check in with me, my former neighbor who saw me today walking to a hair appointment at Deluxe and hugged me and talked about how much he missed occasionally watching me work on paintings in the front window. My former neighbor who is still saving up to commission a portrait painting from me before the end of the year.

I love the neighborhood, “G-Ho” or “Southwest Center City”, even though I no longer live there myself. I still have ties here, and I love seeing my former home becoming hopefully transformed into something new that will feed, treat, and hopefully delight everyone nearby.

So I hope to be there on opening day when Philly Cupcake comes to 20th and South. It might be a little emotional for me, but I can’t wait to see what they plan on doing with the space. I encourage others to do the same.

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