Summer fruit of the week: Donut Peaches!


Donut Peaches

Donut peaches are here!

One of my favorite – and odd – summer fruit is just hitting the farmstands in South Jersey right now: Donut Peaches! Some people call them UFO Peaches, or Doughnut Peaches, but whatever you call them they are soooo good.

When I first saw them in New Jersey I was a little taken aback. What strange, odd mutant fruit is this? But then I tasted one that was perfectly ripe and fresh…oh, what a revelation. Now, I’m not normally the biggest peach fan out there. I can find the texture a little mealy and usually only will eat them baked, or dressed up in a salsa or chutney-type preparation. But Donut peaches have a much softer outer skin and smoother inner texture. They are extremely sweet and easy to pit – great to take on the go for a refreshing snack or treat.

Last night I used them to make this recipe for Spice Rubbed Roast Chicken Thighs with Peaches, which came out delicious. One of those on-line recipes I’ve now added to my bookmarks because I don’t want to forget it. But I think I might try to make some gelato or sorbet with the rest of these peaches to keep enjoying them while I can, and before they’re all gone until next summer.

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