Update: Green Tea Restaurant in Woolwich, New Jersey


Last May I posted an initial review of Green Tea Restaurant in Woolwich Township, New Jersey. My first impressions were a little lukewarm – I wasn’t thrilled with some of the deep fried options nor the chirashi, but thought some of the specialty rolls were good or showed promise.

Well, in the year since I’ve had a number of times to revisit Green Tea – with being so close to home, how could I not? And I’m happy to say that I really feel they are only getting better and better. I think the sushi chefs are hitting their stride more and with trying a lot more options on the menu I’ve found a number of dishes I would certainly recommend and re-order.

On my most recent visit, I took my mother who was visiting the area for the first time. She is VERY fussy about her Japanese food and sushi, but doesn’t get much opportunity to enjoy it in rural New York where she lives. So we tried a wide variety of offerings, including the Shumai and Lobster Salad to start. My mom is a shumai fiend and declared these up to her standards. She wasn’t as crazy about the Lobster Salad, but I liked it – sort of like a lobster roll but just served on a bed of thinly sliced fresh cucumbers. She had a house salad as well, which she declared “OK” but not her favorite dressing ever – she would have liked more sesame or peanut flavor to it.

We shared three rolls, however, and these were the big hit of the night. I am a huge fan of their “Amazing Tuna Maki” roll, featuring spicy tuna & white tuna inside, and ahi tuna and tobiko on the outside. This is a great roll for those who don’t want any deep-fried sushi. We also tried the Black Dragon Roll and East Garden Roll and loved them both. The Black Dragon Roll is a California Roll topped with Eel, eel sauce and tobiko. Again, lovely. The East Garden Roll is a twist on a Spider Roll, but with avocado, tobiko, and spicy mayo. These all together were a really nice combination and more than enough to eat! I regret not taking any photos that night as we were just too hungry when seated. Trust me, they were all good.

All told I’m just really happy that, despite some initial misgivings, I’ve come to be quite happy that Green Tea is here in the area when I need my sushi fix. If you haven’t been there yet, or haven’t been there for a long time, do give them a try. It’s a nice surprise for the area and I hope to see them to continue to do well.

Green Tea Restaurant
120 Center Square Road #201
Woolwich NJ 08085
856-467-0788 / 3433

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