Pork Shoulder Steaks – Take 1


Spanish-Style Pork Shoulder Steaks

Spanish-Style Pork Shoulder Steaks

I recently mentioned my latest bounty of fresh pastured pork, and that one cut I was particularly interested in experimenting with this time around was the shoulder steaks. I’ve never cooked pork shoulder steaks so of course that meant a lot of time spent reading and checking out different recipes on line and deciding which ones to try cooking. From everything I read, shoulder steaks can be incredibly flavorful and delicious meat, but it can also be extremely tough if not cooked properly or long enough.

The first recipe that looked interesting to me was Guy Fieri’s “Spanish Style Pork Shoulder Steaks”. I’ve had good success with some of Guy’s other meat-and-grill recipes before, so I was hopeful this one would turn out good as well. I followed the recipe to a t, toasting the fennel seeds, making the marinade, letting it marinade for a full 4 hours before grilling. The aroma once the meat hit the grill was incredible! So I was really hopeful this would come out great.

The flavor was indeed quite wonderful, especially when topped with the lime-cilantro-crema sauce and wrapped up in a warmed tortilla. But I found the meat quite tough and chewy, which was disappointing. I’d hoped the 4-hour marinade would be enough time to tenderize the steaks, but it didn’t turn out to be the case. Oh well! I did like the flavor of this dish enough that I’m going to try it again, but I may experiment with the marinade time or some other ways to try to end up with more tender shoulder steaks at the end of the day.

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