Pork-a-Palooza II: The Return of the Pig


Fresh pork attack!

With springtime, so it has also come time to have another pig butchered from the farm. What you see here is the end result of one 400+ pound porker – not showing the bags of wonderful pork fat to render down into lard, the massive smoked hams and bacon, smoked hocks and bag of neck bones for making soups and stock. YUM. I cannot wait to get started on enjoying this all. This time around we asked for some different cuts instead of a lot of chopped and ground meat, so we ended up with a massive quantity of shoulder steaks which I need to experiment with cooking in different ways. I’ll post updates as I try different recipes, as shoulder steaks are not often seen in markets these days. But I have a feeling with pork this lovely, they ought to be goooooooood…

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