Living with a Garlic Intolerance


As much as it can give you bad breath, what really stinks about garlic is having an intolerance to it.

Not a full blown allergy – I’m thankful I don’t suffer from that. But several years ago I finally put two-and-two together over why certain foods would leave me in digestive agony for days after eating them: raw or undercooked garlic. It’s a really frustrating condition sometimes, which is what prompted me to create my Squidoo article on Living With Garlic Intolerance or Allergy. Although I first published the article in July of last year, interestingly enough it’s really started getting more hits and traffic in the past two months. Are people starting to become more sensitive and aware of the subject of garlic intolerance and allergy? I hope so.

On a related note, last night I was able to sample my way through some new Spring menu additions at Seasons 52, which I’ll be writing about at more length later this week. One thing I will say I really appreciate about Seasons 52 is that they are one of the first national chains I’ve found that actually offers a garlic-free menu – how cool is that? It’s nice to see restaurants paying attention to garlic reactions along with vegetarian, diabetic, and gluten-allery concerns.

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