My Freezer is Full, Thanks to Monte the Meat Man


A freezer full of meat thanks to Monte the Meat Man.

My freezer full of meat thanks to Monte the Meat Man.

I’ve always been leery of home-delivery, frozen food services – perhaps because my grandmother used them for many years for convenience, and I always thought the prices were way out of line for the dubious quality of what she got. There seemed to be a door-to-door salesman, scammy aspect to these services in my mind.

But I’ve definitely made an exception when it comes to Monte the Meatman.

You’ll have to forgive the rather awfully-formatted website I just linked to – but that’s part of Monte’s (and his brother Pat’s) charm. These guys are a small-time, personable operation, and that’s what makes them special. You’re not dealing with some huge national brand or chain, but two guys who really know their meat and get it from the best sources they can find.

My fiance David met Monte’s brother Patrick while on a housecall about a year ago. He bought a few cases of chicken, fish and steak to try out at home. I was skeptical at first, but once I started cooking them I got hooked. Pat and Monte boast that their meat and seafood is restaurant-grade (and the same exact product sold TO many restaurants), and once you’ve tasted it you’ll realize they’re right, and that’s why it deserves a premium yet still reasonable price.

Monte the Meat Man

Monte the Meat Man

Last summer I stocked up on one of their Buy-7-Boxes-Get-3-Free deals and it had our freezer full for most of a year. Even with spending about $1,000 out of pocket at once, I considered it well worth the price as I did not have to deal with buying these items in the supermarket, they were (mostly) vacuum sealed before freezing for best freshness, and generally far better quality than I could buy from the local ShopRite or Acme. I just stocked up again this morning while Monte was in the area, and I know I don’t have to worry about buying meat or fish again probably until next Winter.

I love that Monte & Pat will tell you exactly where your meat is coming from. There’s no question of the origin or quality of their beautiful lobster tails, Norwegian salmon, or Angus Beef hand-cut steaks. Their tuna is absolutely sushi grade, and the filet mignon and steaks just perfect for serving rare or even as steak tartare (sometimes it’s hard for me to bear cooking them beyond a light sear). I’d never feel that assured when preparing most supermarket meats and seafood. I LOVE their crab cakes and have had great luck with their stuffed chicken breasts, perfect for easy weeknight meals when I just want to throw something in the oven to cook without fuss. They offer a lot of great party and entertaining items like kabobs, buger patties, appetizers, pre-marinated meats and dessert cakes as well, but I usually mostly stick with the minimally-processed items (and go by Monte or Pat’s recommendations on what’s the best they have available on any given visit.)

This morning I filled my freezer with the following: crab cakes, prime filet mignon, Angus rib-eye and thick-cut NY strips (all regular favorites I get on every order), flounder stuffed with crab & baby shrimp (these look just like what you get in many restaurants), chicken breasts stuffed with brie and apples, orange roughy filets, swordfish steaks, lobster tails and Norwegian salmon. I was only disappointed they were out of the amazing halibut steaks I normally get, but I still have a few left in my freezer along with some flounder and veal from last visit I’ll have to hoard for now.

Anyway…if you’d like to give Monte or Pat a try some time, give them a call at 610-203-6256. Monte is also a tugboat captain so he may not always be in the area, but they normally deliver throughout the Southeast Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Northern Virginia region. This is totally a non-paid, personal recommendation from me; I just love their products and want to help bring them more customers for the great service they provide.

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