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rendered lard

Rendered Lard in Storage Jars

My mom just had another one of her pigs sent off to the butcher this weekend – a 400pounder, which means pretty soon I’m going to have a freezer full of a LOT of wonderful pastured pork meat. I’ll also likely have quite a lot of pork fat to deal with, but that’s okay – I’ll start making lard. I learned how to render lard last Autumn when we had our first pig butchered and since then I’ve fallen in love with using lard in all different kinds of cooking. When the fat comes from a healthy, naturally raised pastured pig, lard is actually quite good for you, similar in nutritional benefits to olive oil! Which makes it all the more of a shame that lard has developed such a bad reputation in today’s “health nut” world.

If you want to learn more about rendering lard – and why you should – please check out my full-length article Making Lard and Cooking with Lard. You’ll see my step-by-step photos of the preparation process and find out more about why cooking with lard is so wonderful.

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