Good first impression at Machi Sushi!


Spider Roll at Machi Sushi

Last summer I reported on my dismal experience at Yamaki Sushi in Philadelphia, on 20th Street off Rittenhouse Square. So I wasn’t suprised earlier this year when I saw they were “closed for a re-opening in February.” What I wasn’t sure of was whether the sushi bar was just getting a facelift, or whether new operators/owners were involved in making for a better sushi experience.

It turns out happily the latter is the case. I was able to stop in to the new Machi Sushi today for lunch and it was a lovely experience. The space is basically the same as before, although more comfortably decorated with a few booths for seating along with the sushi bar, and nicer interior decorations. As with Yamaki before – and in competition with nearby Vic Sushi – there is a 3-roll special offered for $10.95. However, I usually find that a bit too much to eat, especially for lunch, so I decided to order a la carte instead.

Machi sushi offers several cooked dishes and appetizers along with their sushi and maki rolls. In the future I’m interested in trying their Gyoza ($4.50) and Shumai ($4), but for today it was so blustery and cold I settled on a standard bowl of Miso Soup ($2). For the price it was a very ample and tasty bowl full of tofu and seaweed, not the stuff from a dry package you might get at inferior restaurants. I decided to try two of my favorite rolls for the main: Spicy Tuna ($5.20) and Spider ($6.50). Right now Machi Sushi is offering 15% off all bills for an opening special so it’s a good time to try what they have.

The Spicy Tuna was fine, if nothing extraordinary. However, the Spider Roll was one of the best I’ve enjoyed in some time. The crab was clearly very fresh, and very freshly fried, still warm and deliciously crunchy. I got lots of long “leg-bits” to enjoy with my roll and it was absolutely delicious and a bargain at the price. I’m already dreaming about going back for that Spider Roll again.

Machi offers a selection of house specialty rolls in the $9.95 – $13.95 range along with the standard classics. I wish they had a Chirashi bowl on their menu but I may try their Unagi Don next time (Broiled eel, sashimi and pickles over sushi rice for $18.95). The service was VERY friendly and pleasant on my visit, and with a pot of hot green tea along with my soup and 2 rolls, my bill was only a little over $12. Quite a bargain for Rittenhouse Square.

I definitely recommend people give Machi Sushi a try and I will be back in the near future to try more of their offerings.

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