Sicilian-Style Past with Eggplant


Sicilian-style pasta with eggplant

This was one of those simple, spur-of-the-moment recipes I experimented with one late summer afternoon while there was still a bounty of delicious fresh eggplant available here in South Jersey. Eggplant seems to grow really well around here, and in the past few years farmers have been experimenting with different varieties – including the wonderful Rosa Bianca. I love Rosa Bianca eggplant because it’s just so beautiful, round and plump and inviting-looking, and it has a sweeter flavor than your typical large black or purple eggplant.

My Sicilian-Style Past with Eggplant recipe will work with whatever kind of eggplant you have on hand, but do be sure to “sweat out” the bitterness first. It takes a little extra time but is well worth the effort.

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